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I love my key words, slogans and tag lines, as you’ve probably noticed. “The-Out-of-Towner-Turned-Insider”. “Elevate Your Travel Game.” “We showcase cultural excellence”. “The genius of Mexican culture.”

It’s this last one in particular that I vibe with on a deep level. Mexicans are known for being many great things, yet “genius” doesn’t seem to be an adjective thrown around often when it comes to describing our national talent. That is until now.

At its core, Morenita is a colorful socio-anthropological experiment where I recognize ourselves and our cultural value.
I know it’s a company, but it was born out of my heart and soul, so in my mind it’s a movement, an awakening, a cultural homecoming.
Over the last two years I’ve built this perfect little universe of food, art & culture for myself where I am always inspired and stimulated by our Mexico,
and in this personal process of focusing on the positives I help our client also zero-in on la verdadera genialidad de nuestra cultura.

#MorenitaGenius is a new piece of content where we show off aquellos genios who are at the top of their game, even though they’re all still so young and many, just like me, with 15-20 years of experience, are just getting started.
This first story will focus on the restaurant world: we all know Enrique Olvera, Elena Reygadas and Jorge Vallejo, but wait til you meet the new school of chefs, sommeliers, maitre d’s and purveyors who are bringing the game to a completely new level. These talented youths and their spectacular work alone are worth you booking your next Morenita Experience in Mexico City.


Photo by Viridiana Ramírez of Morenita Experience

Cristina Lugo, Founder & CEO of Morenita Experience, has developed a reputation as a Mexico City culinary and cultural ambassador thanks to her extensive experience in the world of hotels and restaurants.
In this story, co-written with Viridiana Ramirez, Morenita’s Communications Director, she shares who she considers to be the most distinguished food & drink personalities currently changing the CDMX industry.



Sofia was born and raised in Ensenada, a 90-minute drive south of San Diego. Her dad is from Oaxaca and her mom from Sinaloa, two major food areas in Mexico, making her childhood a food-centered cult of fish and shellfish.
Sofia is the Sales Manager at her family-owned De Garo Jamat, a company that commercializes the highest-quality seafood products from Baja & the Mexican Gulf and sells to distinguished national restaurants like Pujol, Quintonil, Rokai, Rosetta and Maximo Bistrot. Basically, any oyster, crab, fish, shrimp, lobster or uni you’ve ever had at any of these award-winning restaurants was most likely hand-picked by Sofia.
Not only that, but the family is also partners at Campobaja, our favorite seafood restaurant in Colonia Roma.

One of Sofia’s many responsibilities is communicating with the chefs and kitchen staff the properties of every fish and piece of seafood sold, so they understand how to best clean, cook and store it, and accurately pass this information on to the waiters, who are then able to correctly answer your questions when you’re ordering from the menu.

Asian food culture has always had a large influence on this family. When Sofia was a child, in addition to egg and black bean burritos (along with fish tacos, burritos are Baja staples), her school lunch didn’t consist of PB&J sandwiches, but of bento boxes and makis. Few people have I had more passionate & eloquent discourses about food with: Sofia is an old food expert soul living in the body of a young beautiful woman.


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Campobaja presenta taller de ostiones

Texto y fotografías:     

Fecha: 25 de septiembre de 2018

Bajo el concepto de “comida de campo pesquero”Campobaja es un restaurante que se fortalece con un proyecto de proveeduría familiar de pescados y mariscos, con el que asegura que todos los días se preparen productos frescos y diversos, respetando la pesca y sus temporalidades.  

Con tres años desde su apertura, este restaurante se caracteriza por siempre ofrecer gran variedad de productos del mar. Esta vez, nos presentaron un taller de ostiones a cargo de los chefs Ezequiel Hernández y Alejandro Zárate.



Los ostiones son filtradores del mar y sus cualidades organolépticas dependen de los factores ambientales en los que habitan. En Ensenada son una especie de cultivo y se exportan a diferentes partes del mundo. Campobaja nos presentó en dicho taller cuatro variedades de ellos: kukamoto, kumiai, japonés de Rincón de Ballenas y japonés de San Quintín. Para poder apreciar la calidad de estos moluscos bivalvos, es importante conocer sus partes principales, que son el callo, manto y cuerpo. De esta forma se puede percibir cada elemento y calificar su frescura y textura, que genera en la boca cierto grado de dulzor.

Además de apreciar algunos tipos de ostiones, los chefs de Campobaja nos presentaron una de sus creaciones, un excepcional marlin sellado, acompañado de ensalada verde. En este restaurante la calidad de los productos es extraordinaria y es llevada a la mesa con la técnica culinaria adecuada para hacer aún más placentera la experiencia. Visita este espacio dedicado a los frutos del mar y aprende algo nuevo de ello con expertos en la materia. Cheque Promedio: $550. Teléfono: 55 70 91 56 60. Dónde: Colima 124-E, Roma Norte. campobaja.com


Encuentra la nota original con nuestros amigos de Foodandtravel.com 

Comercializamos productos pesqueros, agrícolas y pecuarios de la más alta calidad.

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Matriz Ensenada
E: admon@jamat.com.mx
T: 646-248-449-3

Sucursal CDMX
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